Company History

TARGET PharmaSolutions was formed in February 2015, inspired by the success of HCV-TARGET, a case study of the TARGET model in hepatitis C. The HCV-TARGET case study was established in 2011 by Dr. Michael Fried (University of North Carolina) and Dr. David Nelson (University of Florida). It has enrolled over 12,000 patients at 58 sites across North America and Europe.

The evidence generated from HCV-TARGET has multiple applications, for instance it has been used by regulators to monitor post-marketing drug safety, by sponsors to support label expansion and to fulfill multiple post marketing commitments. In addition it has helped inform national and international treatment guidelines, been used in payer dossiers, and has resulted in numerous high impact scientific presentations and publications.

To date, there have been over 21 publications of the HCV-TARGET data with over 90 unique authors.